HSE commences roll-out of Spring COVID-19 booster vaccines

 People aged 70 years and older

 Residents of long term care facilities for older adults

 All aged 5 years and older who have a weak immune system

Following the most recent NIAC (National Immunisation Advisory Committee) advice, the HSE has announced the Spring COVID-19 booster vaccine programme for people aged 70 years and older, residents of long-term care facilities for older adults and people aged five years and older with a weak immune system.

If you are eligible, you can get a COVID-19 booster from a participating GP or pharmacy or at a Community Vaccination Centre (CVC). Those eligible must wait at least three months since their previous COVID-19 vaccine or since they have had a COVID-19 infection before getting the booster.

In line with NIAC guidance, the HSE aims to complete this COVID-19 booster programme by the end of May. This will allow for the period of time required for those getting their Spring COVID-19 booster to get their next booster dose in autumn, along with their flu vaccine.

If you are eligible, you can book a Spring booster appointment at a HSE vaccination clinics online at www.hse.ie. You can also get a booster vaccine at participating pharmacies and GPs.