The HSE has launched a free prescription and emergency contraception service for 17 to 25-year-old women

The free contraception service will cover the total cost of prescription contraception, including the cost of the following:

· GP or doctor’s appointments – to talk about contraception options and for repeat prescriptions when needed

· any prescriptions given by your doctor – these will be given free of charge at participating pharmacies

· your choice of contraception – from a wide range of short-term and long-term contraceptives such as the patch, pill, ring, implant, injection and IUDs

· fittings and removals of implants and IUDs or IUSs (coils) 

· Any check-ups or other follow-up care needed relating to your implant or coil

· emergency contraception (morning-after pill).

To access the service, you must give a participating GP your PPS number, date of birth, name and address.

Emergency contraception can be provided by participating pharmacies directly, without needing a GP visit. You must give a participating pharmacy your PPS number, date of birth, name and address.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said: Given that the costs of prescription contraception are typically faced by women, the scheme will impact positively on gender equity, reducing costs for women, but also benefitting their partners and families.”

More information about contraceptive options and the new service is available at